Former Magistrate. Former Deputy Prosecutor.

Experienced legal counsel you can trust.

Kitch Law Office is accepting clients in need of criminal defense representation in & around Allen County, Indiana.  Attorney John D. Kitch III has 20 plus years of experience serving in several roles in the legal profession.  Spending time as a magistrate, deputy prosecutor and defense attorney has afforded John a unique & well-rounded insight into how to best defend his clients.

At Kitch Law Office we seek to provide high quality legal representation to clients charged in criminal cases or require consultation regarding complex legal matters.  The legal system can be complicated, and you will want to have someone on your side working for you to achieve the optimum result in your case.  Thoroughly reviewing the facts, police reports, discovery material and listening to your side of the story to make certain your rights were not violated during your arrest is standard operating procedure as the case begins.  After this analysis, keeping your best interest at the forefront while diligently working to optimally resolve your case is the focus moving forward.  Whether that means taking your case before a judge or jury for trial, or negotiating with the prosecuting attorney to obtain a favorable plea agreement is determined on a case to case basis with each client.

Areas Of Practice

  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • Expungements
  • Specialized Driving Privilege

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